In-Home Lessons

(**COVID-19 Update** Since March, I've been conducting all lessons via Zoom online. My students and I have been having a great time adjusting to this new learning environment, and have been managing to stay engaged and progressing throughout. This fall, I'm beginning to move towards using the JamKazan platform. With the help of this free software and one relatively inexpensive piece of audio gear, I can now get back to making good on my main mission of teaching music through shared musical experiences. This is going to be such a great help moving forward into the 2020 school year, as we are all so hungry for anything resembling real interactions.)
Lessons consist of technical exercises, songs, etudes, extended performance pieces, ear training, and guided improvisation aimed at forming proper technique, facility in musical discourse, and joy and ease in making music in any situation- whatever your chosen instrument may be. When possible, I prefer to conduct lessons from the piano. This ensures that every lesson is a shared musical experience, and that all techniques and concepts being explored are done so within the context of this shared experience. In this respect, lessons could be considered more like a no-pressure rehearsal/jam where I'm constantly "sneaking in" various concepts, techniques, historical references, and general music topics. This also ensures that both student and teacher are always excited for what's in store for the next lesson.

Prices and policies:

  • 45 Minute class: $60
  • Tuition for the month is due at the beginning of each month, and is based on the number of time slots reserved for that month. 
  • Students (and teacher) agree to give at least 24 hours notice before cancellations.